Resources Helpful Sections for the FIRST  Community

Resources Overview

The Adambots put together many resources for other FIRST teams. Here you can find links and explanations of the contents of our resource pages.

  • Helpful documents
    This page contains documents produced for our team, including scouting information, game overview, and inspection.
  • Helpful links
    This page lists a dozen links to resources produced by other companies and organizations with information related to FIRST.
  • Award Submissions
    This page contains, for reference for other teams, our past submissions for Chairmans, Woodie Flowers, Dean’s List, and the OCCRA Foundation Award.
  • Business Plan
    Here is listed our past award-winning business plans, produced to help run our team efficiently and are entered into the FIRST Entrepreneurship Award sponsored by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byer, as well as information on how we run our business team and create our plan.
  • FIRST Safety Manual/Requirements
    This page contains the FIRST Safety Manual and other information.
  • Creating a FIRST Team Website
    Here, a lot of information about what goes into create a website for a FIRST robotics team can be found, written by the website designers of the World Champsionship Website award in 2011—the Adambots!
  • AdamBots Logo
    Numerous versions of the AdamB ots logo is found here for team members or others looking for branding for FRC Team 245.
  • Programming
    Information for programmers from our programming team can be found here, including links to the FRC Java library and Javadoc and the Github respository for the robot’s code.
  • Automated Scouted
    This open-source resource produces real time OPR results from competitions with no human input, getting data directly from FIRST feeds.
  • Newsletter Archive
    The AdamBots Newsletter was created by the Marketing Team in March 2015. This page includes more information about the newsletter as well as an archive of all previous AdamBots Newsletters.