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2016 FRC Blogs: Waterford District Competition

Written by Saniyah Shaikh on March 7, 2016 in 2016 FIRST

This past Friday and Saturday, March 4th and 5th, the AdamBots and the CyberCats competed at our first competition, the Waterford Kettering District Competition at Waterford Mott High School. Valencia, of the AdamBots, and Excaliper, of the CyberCats, were ready to challenge the other teams after six grueling weeks of the build season.

The competition was very tough and exciting, with some incredibly high scoring matches. In one notable match, the AdamBots and CyberCats teamed up on an alliance together, quickly breaching the Outer Works and surrounding the tower (pictured below). We also made two high goals during that match and held open the sally port for our alliance partners to cross it.

Twinning with the Cyber Cats

At the end of the qualification matches, the AdamBots were ranked 17th with 20 ranking points. We were selected for the second alliance by Alliance Captain Team 2137, TORC, competing alongside Team 1718, the Fighting Pi. After advancing to the semifinals, we were eliminated in a close tiebreaker match. Congratulations to the first alliance, Teams 33, 67, and 4003, on their victory at Waterford!

Our scores for the playoffs are as follows, with our alliance score listed first:

104 – 64
112 – 74

115 – 112
104 – 105
112 – 118

After an exciting first competition, the AdamBots are looking forward to our second competition, the Center Line District Competition on March 18th & 19th. Come out and see us compete at Center Line High School!