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Kettering Kickoff

Written by Joseph Sullivan on September 18, 2017

The first of our two offseason competitions, the Kettering Kickoff took place on September 16 at Kettering University! Thank you to teams 70, 314, 322, 494, 1322, 1506, and 2337 for graciously hosting the event. We played five exciting matches throughout the day. Although we did not win any of them, we kept some of […]

2017 Blogs: May and June

Written by Joseph Sullivan on July 3, 2017

The end of FIRST competitions doesn’t mean the end of our work! Between outreach, off-season competitions, and celebrating the past year, the AdamBots are staying busy as ever. We held our annual banquet at Addison Oaks Park on June 1st. There’s certainly a lot to celebrate—with six trophies and seven safety awards, 2017 is our most […]

2017 FRC Blogs: St. Louis Championship

Written by Joseph Sullivan on May 1, 2017

Last week, the AdamBots traveled to St. Louis for the northern half of the world championship! Arriving Wednesday, we played practice matches and explored the venue. We played ten qualification matches in the Archimedes division throughout Thursday and Friday. We are proud to have ranked fourth out of these 68 teams! Saturday morning we advanced […]

2017 FRC Blogs: Michigan State Championship

Written by Joseph Sullivan on April 22, 2017

Last week, the AdamBots competed in the Michigan State Championship against 159 other top teams in the state! Thursday through Friday we played qualification matches in the highly competitive Dow Division. We ended these matches with a 4-8 record and in rank 37 due to difficulties climbing the rope. However, team 5150 the Hybrid Hornets […]

2017 FRC Blogs: Troy District Event

Written by Marta Grabowski on April 2, 2017

This weekend, from March 31st to April 1st, the Adambots participated in the Troy District Competition in Troy Athens High school. Throughout Friday, we played in 9 matches, winning three and losing six. We ended up the 26th ranked team, so we had to work hard the next day. On Saturday, all three of our […]

2017 FRC Blogs: Escanaba District Event

Written by Joseph Sullivan on March 20, 2017

The AdamBots traveled to the Upper Peninsula for the Escanaba District this weekend! Arriving Thursday and competing Friday through Saturday, we had a very successful trip. We were ranked first of 39 throughout nearly all of the qualification matches. As the second alliance captains, we chose to compete alongside the BraveBots 4391 and Gladiators 6569. […]

2017 FRC Blogs: Kettering 1st District Event

Written by Joseph Sullivan on March 13, 2017

This past weekend, the AdamBots competed at the Kettering 1 District Event. We were seeded in 5th place after qualifications, with a record of eight wins and four losses. As the 4th alliance captain, we moved on to the elimination rounds alongside team 5697, the Bearcats and team 6098, blrobot. In the quarterfinals, we were […]

2017 FRC Blogs: Competition Week Zero

Written by Joseph Sullivan on March 1, 2017

The AdamBots did not stop working after the completion of the competition robot. Mechanical Teams and CAD have been touching up the practice robot. The Programming Team tested their code on the competition robot and continued to improve vision processing, while the Electrical Team fixed up and tested the wiring. Game Strategy and Scouting explained to the […]

2017 FRC Blogs: Build Week 6

Written by Joseph Sullivan on February 22, 2017

Our build season is done! At 9:34 PM on Tuesday night, the AdamBots closed our robot within its bag, marking its completion until our first competition. To reach this position, the whole team has been putting in extra hours. The Mechanical Teams finished systems for driving the robot, manipulating game objects, and climbing the rope […]

2017 FRC Blogs: Build Week 5

Written by Joseph Sullivan on February 15, 2017

The end of the build season is in view; we are finalizing our robot on February 21st! To prepare, the Mechanical Teams have been meeting every day. They have finished the practice robot and are now working on the competition robot. The Electrical Team has nearly completed the wiring on both robots. The CAD Team […]

2017 FRC Blogs: Build Week 4

Written by Joseph Sullivan on February 8, 2017

The build season for the AdamBots is in full swing. The Mechanical Teams are nearing completion of the practice robot. Among them, Mechanical One finished the chassis, Mechanical Two attached its systems to the rest of the robot, and Mechanical Three tested its mechanisms. Members of the Drive Team practiced together. They worked on controlling the […]

2017 FRC Blogs: Build Week 3

Written by Joseph Sullivan on January 30, 2017

Things are coming along well. The Mechanical Teams finalized the design and are fabricating parts as the CAD Team digitally represents them. Their projects include the gear intake, fuel ball outtake and rope mechanism. The Programming Team has coded the sensors for the robot and the Electrical Team set up the control board. Students on […]

2017 FRC Blogs: Build Week 2

Written by Joseph Sullivan on January 23, 2017

The AdamBots have remained busy after another week of the build season. Among the engineering teams, the Mechanical Teams have been finalizing the locations and interactions of the robot’s mechanisms. The CAD Team has been digitally planning other internal parts. The Electrical Team built their wiring layout and took inventory as the Game Strategy and Scouting […]

2017 FRC Blogs: Build Week 1

Written by Joseph Sullivan on January 16, 2017

The 2017 FIRST Robotics Competition Game, FIRST STEAMWORKS, has been revealed! Teams around the world watched online to see the new game. FIRST STEAMWORKS is a steampunk-themed game where each alliance strive to assemble a gear system and pressurize a boiler faster than its opponent. Over the past week the team has been determining a […]

2016 FRC Blogs: FIRST World Championships

Written by Saniyah Shaikh on May 3, 2016

This past week, April 27th – 30th, the AdamBots traveled to St. Louis for the 2016 FIRST World Championships! This exciting event gave us an incredible opportunity to meet different teams, explore St. Louis, discover scholarships and career opportunities, and have a lot of fun. After arriving in St. Louis late on Tuesday night, we […]