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2018 FRC Blogs: Build Week Six

Written by Marta Grabowski on February 21, 2018

 As the final days of the build season approach, we have become more and more anxious to finish our six-week-long project! Out of our two robots to complete, one for practice and one for competitions, we have some work left on our competition robot. Most of the work put in this weekend will be from […]

2018 FRC Blogs: Build Week Five

Written by Joseph Sullivan on February 15, 2018

In the fifth week of build, the AdamBots are preparing to finish our competition robot! The Electrical subteam is attaching the pneumatic system to our cube intake as the Mechanical subteams improve our lifting capabilities. Programming is working on our autonomous code while Computer Aided Design finishes the digital robot model. In just under a week, our robot will […]

2018 FRC Blogs: Build Week Three

Written by Joseph Sullivan on February 1, 2018

The AdamBots saw great progress in week three of the FRC build season! The Mechanical subteams finished the prototypes and the majority of the practice robot, making some tough design decisions. Computer Aided Design is nearly done with the 3D model of the robot that will be used to fabricate the competition robot. Electrical and Programming are working together to prepare the […]

2018 FRC Blogs: Build Week Two

Written by Marta Grabowski on January 22, 2018

As the FIRST POWER UP build season has continued, the entire team, whether related to engineering or business, has made great progress! Since Build Week One, we have come closer to finalizing our robot design as well as prototyped many ideas. In the coming week, we will continue to do all of this and more. […]

2018 FRC Blogs: Build Week One

Written by Joseph Sullivan on January 14, 2018

January 6th marks the beginning of FIRST Power-Up, the FRC game for our 20th season! We viewed the global online kickoff at Emagine Entertainment’s Rochester Hills theatre. In the game, robots must place milk crates on scales to tip them in their favor. Additional points are awarded for each robot that’s 12 inches above the […]

OCCRA Banquet

Written by Joseph Sullivan on December 3, 2017

Our 2017 OCCRA season concluded on November 29th with a banquet. We gathered with the other county robotics teams at Oakland Schools to celebrate the past three months of robotics. Throughout the night, key sponsors, mentors, and teachers were recognized, as well as each of the participating students. Teams also determined one Most Valuable Player and […]

OCCRA Championship

Written by Joseph Sullivan on November 19, 2017

Our 2017 OCCRA season concluded with the Championship on November 18! In the four qualifier competitions, we scored a total of 495 points, landing us in rank six. At the Championship, we won our two matches with scores of 64-0 and 69-43, moving us up to the fifth rank! We were selected by the first […]

2017 FRC Blogs: Bloomfield Hills Girls Competition

Written by Joseph Sullivan on November 13, 2017

Our last competition of the 2017 FIRST Robotics Competition was this Saturday, November 11th! At this event, all drive team members and pit crew members must be girls. This allows students who might get pushed to the side otherwise an opportunity to test their skills. Our other students, including our mascot Goldeneye, came to cheer […]

OCCRA Competition at Our Lady of the Lakes

Written by Joseph Sullivan on November 11, 2017

We had our fourth OCCRA tournament on November 9th at Our Lady of the Lakes, hosted by Lakers 5053! It was a great opportunity to showcase the work we’ve done since the Diversity Tournament. This time, we tried out our tee ball intake in a match, we added decals down the side, and we submitted our […]

OCCRA Competitions at Seaholm and Adams

Written by Joseph Sullivan on November 4, 2017

Our second tournament of our 2017 OCCRA season was on October 26th at Birmingham Seaholm! For this event, we experimented with an arm to grab balls off tees. Our new approach brought us both learning opportunities and victories, as we won two matches of four. Additionally, we won the Quality Award in recognition of the […]

OCCRA Competition at West Bloomfield High School

Written by Joseph Sullivan on October 22, 2017

The OCCRA competition season is here! We’ve spent the past six weeks designing, fabricating, and coding to get ready for our first competition on October 22 at West Bloomfield High School. The robot is designed for the game Trash Can Jam, in which we pick up 8” tennis balls and score them in rolling trash cans. […]

Kettering Kickoff

Written by Joseph Sullivan on September 18, 2017

The first of our two offseason competitions, the Kettering Kickoff took place on September 16 at Kettering University! Thank you to teams 70, 314, 322, 494, 1322, 1506, and 2337 for graciously hosting the event. We played five exciting matches throughout the day. Although we did not win any of them, we kept some of […]

2017 Blogs: May and June

Written by Joseph Sullivan on July 3, 2017

The end of FIRST competitions doesn’t mean the end of our work! Between outreach, off-season competitions, and celebrating the past year, the AdamBots are staying busy as ever. We held our annual banquet at Addison Oaks Park on June 1st. There’s certainly a lot to celebrate—with six trophies and seven safety awards, 2017 is our most […]

2017 FRC Blogs: St. Louis Championship

Written by Joseph Sullivan on May 1, 2017

Last week, the AdamBots traveled to St. Louis for the northern half of the world championship! Arriving Wednesday, we played practice matches and explored the venue. We played ten qualification matches in the Archimedes division throughout Thursday and Friday. We are proud to have ranked fourth out of these 68 teams! Saturday morning we advanced […]

2017 FRC Blogs: Michigan State Championship

Written by Joseph Sullivan on April 22, 2017

Last week, the AdamBots competed in the Michigan State Championship against 159 other top teams in the state! Thursday through Friday we played qualification matches in the highly competitive Dow Division. We ended these matches with a 4-8 record and in rank 37 due to difficulties climbing the rope. However, team 5150 the Hybrid Hornets […]