Resources Helpful Sections for the FIRST  Community


The AdamBots programming team is using GitHub this year to collaborate on the robot’s code. The robot code this year is written in Java using the Java FRC libraries.

GitHub Repository

Since 2013, the AdamBots programming team has used GitHub for source and version control. If you want to see the programming our team does, you can view the public repositories here. These are resources for any teams using Java to program their robot.

Java FRC API Java Doc

A useful resource for programming FRC robots in Java is the 2013 FRC Java Doc. A copy from the W.A.R. Lords robotics team can be found here.

Computer Scouting Resources

This includes the AdamBots Automated Scouting Kit, which automatically calculates various team statistics such as OPR as well as expected contributions for single categories (truss&catch, teleoperated, autonomous, &c) for scouting from match results at every FIRST competition, as well as a playbook which allows teams to play with different strategies in the 2014 game, Aerial Assit. Find it here.

Programming Tutorial for All

This tutorial walks through the basics in Lua. It will be amended to include more information as time goes on. We provide it as a resource for our team as well as other teams or students who are interested in learning how to program, because we believe strongly in the importance of literacy in computer programming.