Resources Helpful Sections for the FIRST  Community

Helpful Documents

Below are documents created specifically for the FIRST community to show how we run different aspects of our team and what you can possibly take away from our strategies.

Helpful Documents Elsewhere

  • Monta Vista Robotics Team (#115) Trainings
    “Every year the team holds trainings for its rookie members. Here are some tutorials created by veteran members to try and bridge the knowledge gap between veterans and rookies.
  • Simbotics (#1114) Workshops
    “The experienced mentors from Simbotics have created the following workshops for the benefit of all FIRST teams. We hope that they will be able to help others to become even more successful in the coming season.”
  • The Miracle Workerz (MOE #365) University
    “Every year the MOE mentors hold a series of courses for new and old students alike.”
  • Raider Robotics SOPs
    “Team 75 standard operational procedures (SOPs).”
  • CAMS Robotics (The Nerd Herd Team #687)
    “Because of internal and external documents, we have been awarded the FRC Kleiner-Perkins Caufield & Byers Entrepreneurship Award at the Arizona, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Las Vegas Regional Competitions, in addition to the 2009 ATL World Championships and 2011 St. Louis World Championships!”