Photo and Video

AdamBots Team 245

2015 Off-Season Events

IRI drive team

2015 Indiana Robotics Invitational

The AdamBots took a trip to Indiana in July to participate in the Indiana Robotics Invitational with some of the best teams in the world. We ended up in 41st with a qualification average of 197 points.

2015 FIRST Girls Event 

The AdamBots girls showed the boys how it’s done at the Bloomfield Hills Girls Competition in November.

2015 MARC

In June the AdamBots and Cyber Cats competed in at MARC in Monore Michigan.

2015 Kettering Kickoff

In the fall, the AdamBots went to Kettering Kickoff. The AdamBots finished in the semifinals. We were happy to be the captain of the fifth alliance with our sister team, the Cyber Cats 5436, and the Gems 4362. Thanks for your help!