OCCRA Oakland County Competitive Robotics Association


West Bloomfield Competition

The AdamBots first Oakland County Competitive Robotics Association (OCCRA) competition was on Saturday, October 24th, 2015 at West Bloomfield High School. Our team received first place with a score of 87 points total along with the Technical Excellence Award. We are very pleased with the results of our matches and our robot design and strategy. We hope to keep improving and do well in our next competition on Thursday, October 29th at Birmingham Groves High School!

2014 Walled Lake Competition

Birmingham Groves Competition

On Thursday October 29th, 2015, the AdamBots competed in their second OCCRA competition at Birmingham Groves High School. We finished in a close second place with a score of 96! The team is excited and hopes to do well at our next competition at Marian High School on November 7th!

Diversity Showcase Competition at Marian

This competition was the Diversity tournament where there are 6 matches. 1 of these is co-ed, 2 are all girls, 1 is adults, and the last 2 are all boys. We did very well, and in a tie breaker for 86 points, we ended up in third place.

St. Mary’s Competition

While the AdamBots did not place, we did win the beautiful bot award. The judges made mention of our new team shirts and newspaper style board as contributions to our award. Thank you to all of those who helped work on our beautiful board!

OCCRA County Championship at Walled Lake Western

The AdamBots were seated in second place as the alliance selections begin. We finished as a semi-finalist and earned the Quality Award.

OCCRA Banquet

On December 2nd, all the teams gathered at Oakland Schools to recognize MVP, Honorable Mention, and Foundation Award. The Foundation Award is the highest award from OCCRA given to a team that best exemplifies the values and mission of OCCRA.  The AdamBots were honored to be selected as the Foundation Award winners.



Technical Excellence

First Place West Bloomfield Tournament

Second Place Birmingham Tournament

Third Place  Diversity Tournament

Beautiful’ Bot Award Orchard Lake St. Mary’s Tournament

Semi-Finalist County Championship

Oakland Schools Education Foundation Award Winner.