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AdamBots Team 245

2013 OCCRA Robotics Pictures

2013 OCCRA Build

2013 OCCRA Build Season

Pictures from our 2013 OCCRA build season. The game was Grid Lock.

2013 OCCRA Build

Adams High School Competition

Our first competition was at our home school of Adams High School. We placed 2nd and won the quality award.

2013 OCCRA Build

Waterford Kettering High School Competition

At our second competition we received a Judge’s Award for our work on the placebo robot.

2013 OCCRA Build

Birmingham Groves High School Diversity Competition

At our third competition we placed first and won the spirit award! It was also crazy hat day for our team and the Diversity Competition!

2013 OCCRA Build

Clawson High School Competition

At our fourth competition we placed third.

2013 OCCRA Build

OCCRA Championship at Brandon Fletcher Intermediate School

At the Championship, we finished in the semi-finals, allied with team 469, Las Guerillas.