Photo and Video

AdamBots Team 245

2015 FIRST Robotics Pictures

Team Pictures

A gallery of our student and team photos. This year, only new members and those veterans who wanted a redo had their individual photo taken. All of the photos were taken at our high school, Rochester Adams.

Howell District

Pictures of our first FIRST event, located at Parker Middle School. Our new sister team, the CyberCats, was also in attendance. We made it to the semi-finals and won the Imagery Award, and the CyberCats won the Rookie All-Star Award, guaranteeing themselves a spot in the Michigan State Championship!

Traverse City District

Pictures of the Traverse City District, located at Traverse City Central High School. This was a landmark event for us, and with teams 1711 & 5692, we were able to come away from this competition as champions! We were also honored to receive the Chairman’s Award (if you looked closely, you could find tears in the eyes of our mentors, and some of our students!).

Michigan State Championship

Pictures of the Michigan State Championships, located for the first time in Grand Rapids. The AdamBots managed to make it to alliance selections, and qualified for the World Championships in St. Louis! Some notable figures, such as famed inventor and founder of FIRST Dean Kamen and Michigan Governor Rick Snyder attended this event.

World Championship in St. Louis

Pictures of the World Championships, which could be found in the familiar location of St. Louis. The AdamBots managed to score the highest round, as well as the lowest round in the Galileo division, and met up with the LamBots. We made it to the quarter-finals, but were just short of making it to the semi-finals.