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AdamBots Team 245

2012 FIRST Robotics Pictures


FIRST 2012 Team

Team Pictures

A gallery of our student, mentor, and team photos. All of the photos were taken at our high school, Rochester Adams.


Design Meeting

Gallery of photos of our design meeting we held at Crittenton Hospital. We discussed how to play the game, robot designs and how we were going to play Rebound Rumble, the 2012 FIRST Game.

2012 FIRST Build Season

Build Season

Photos of our progress of our robot and projects by week during the build season.

2012 Alamo Regional

Alamo Regional

The AdamBots finished in the quarter finals at the Alamo Regionals while taking home the Website and Entrepeneurship Awards. The team also cheered and partied with the LamBots while they were there.

2012 Niles District

Niles District

At the Niles District Competition the AdamBots finished in the quarter finals while also winning the Quality Award.

2012 Troy District

Troy District

Pictures of the AdamBots at the 2012 Troy District competition.

Michigan State Championship

Michigan State Championship

The AdamBots made it to the Finals at the Michigan State Championship! While at it they also won the Website and Entrepreneurship Awards and secured a seat to the World Championships in St. Louis!

2012 FIRST World Championship

FIRST World Championship

The AdamBots took a 12-hour drive from Rochester Hills, MI. to the 2012 FIRST World Championships in St. Louis, Misouri! While there the AdamBots placed 9th in Archimedes and ended up as the 8th Alliance Captain. They finished in the quarter finals against the 1st Alliance.

2012 FIRST Banquet

End Season Banquet

After the FIRST World Championships a banquet was held to pass out awards, varsity letters, and let seniors give their goodbyes to the team.