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AdamBots Team 245

FIRST Pictures


2018: Power Up

See our progress as we work build our 2018 FIRST robot.


2017: Steamworks

Follow the link to see the pictures of our 2017 season.

2016 FIRST

2016: Stronghold

The 2016 FIRST game was Stronghold! Here are some photos of us storming the castle!

2014 FIRST

2015: Recycle Rush

In the 2015 FIRST season we played Recycle Rush! Here are some photos from our tote stacking fun.

2014 FIRST

2014: Aerial Assist

The 2014 FIRST season, in which we competed in Aerial Assist was a great year, despite not being as successful as the past few years. Included are photos from our build season, two districts, and the Michigan World Championship!

2012 FIRST

2013: Ultimate Ascent

Pictures from our campaign in the 2013 FIRST season, Ultimate Ascent, in which we went to the World Championships for the third year in a row!

2012 FIRST

2012: Rebound Rumble

Pictures from the 2012 FIRST season, where the game was the basketball-themed Rebound Rumble! We attended the Alamo Regional, Michigan State Championship, and the FIRST Championship, among others.

Yutaka Iwasaki

2011: LogoMotion

In honor of the 20th anniversary of FIRST, the game LogoMotion was created.  Teams placed tubes on racks and got more points for creating the FIRST logo.  The AdamBots had one of their most successful seasons in 2011.

Soccer Ball

2010: Breakaway

The AdamBots created a robot to play a soccer-like game called Breakaway.  The AdamBots went to the Kettering and Detroit Districts and the Michigan State Championship.

2009 Kettering District Champions

2009: Lunacy

The 2009 FIRST season simulated the surface of the moon with a low friction / low gravity environment. The AdamBots had an extraordinary season winning a district, coming in second at another and making it all the way to Atlanta.

2008 Drive Team

2008: FIRST Overdrive

The 2008 FIRST season was a NASCAR-like game with a goal to move around the track as rapidly as possible while herding trackballs. We got picked (as alliance partners) at both regionals we went to and also won the website award twice!

2007 FIRST Build Season

2007: Rack ‘N’ Roll

The AdamBots learned from a not-so successful 2007 FIRST season. Click to view the pictures and videos that bring it to life!


2006: Aim High

A remarkable FIRST season finished off the 2005-2006 season on a good note. The AdamBots won both a Chairman’s Award and a Woodie Flowers Award at the Sacramento regional.

2005 FIRST Championship

2005: Triple Play

The 2005 FIRST season was probably the best season that the AdamBots have ever had. We attended the Championship Event and made it all the way to the semi-finals. Lots of great pictures from the Georgia Dome can be found in this gallery.

2004 Detroit Regional

2004: FIRST Frenzy

We are working on expanding our FIRST 2004 gallery. Not much is known about this year and there’s not that much media.

2003 Midwest Regional Champions

2003: Stack Attack

2003 was the first year the AdamBots attended the FIRST Championship Event. Cool pictures of our winning alliances at our regionals can be located here as well.

2002 FIRST Build Season

2002: Zone Zeal

The FIRST 2002 gallery is mainly a history archive of some pictures we had on one of our previous websites. Take a look to see what it was like way back in 2002!

2000 FIRST Championship

2000: Co-opertition FIRST

We just have a couple of pictures from the 2000 FIRST Championship from 2000.