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AdamBots Team 245

2017 FIRST Robotics Pictures

2017 FIRST Robotics Pictures

Find general images for the 2017 game here.

Student Team Picture 2017

  Team Pictures

All of the 2017 Student and Mentor photos!


  Build Pictures 

Pictures from week 1 where we worked strategy and design.

Pictures from week 2 of the build where we did driver try outs.

Pictures from week 3 where we continued working on fabrication.

Pictures from week 4 where we took our team picture.

Pictures from week 5 where we focused on fabrication of our competition robot.

Pictures from week 6 where the weather was so warm we ate outside one day.

  Meet the AdamBots Day 2017 

Once a year we invite sponsors, family, friends and the community to see what we do.


  Kettering Week 1 Competition

We were seeded in 5th place after qualifications, with a record of eight wins and four losses. As the 4th alliance captain, we moved on to the elimination rounds alongside team 5697, the Bearcats and team 6098, blrobot. In the quarterfinals, we were unfortunately eliminated after three matches.Read the blog  recap  and see the video recap.

The AdamBots are also incredibly proud to announce that we were awarded with the Kettering University District 1 Chairman’s Award! The Chairman’s Award is FIRST’s most prestigious award


  Escanaba Week 3 Competition

The AdamBots traveled to the Upper Peninsula to compete at Escanaba High School. We made many new friend helping many teams. Friday we were ranked first. Saturday we finished as the captian of the second place alliance. The AdamBots finished the event as Finalist and earn the Entrepreneurship Award.   Read the blog  recap  and see the video recap.

 Troy  Competition

The AdamBots were in the 6th alliance with 226 and 2851 finishing in the quarter finals. Our new pit and robot decal contributing to us earning the Imagery Award. Aliza King, our pit crew member, was also awarded Star of the Day. Read the blog recap.

  Michigan State Championships 

In the seventh alliance with 5150 and our sister team 5436, the AdamBots finished as Dow Division semi-finalist.  Our business team earned another Entrepreneurship Award.  Our wonderful Chairman’s team told the story of everything our team does to earn a Regional Chairman’s Award. Read the blog  post and see the video recap.

  World Championship in St. Louis

The World Championship is held in St. Louis this year on April 27-30. The AdamBots competed on Archimedes. In our division we were seated fourth and were third place alliance captains. See  our blog post recapping this event here.

  Team Banquet

Coming soon! Team Banquet June 1 2017. We honored our seniors, mentors, and had a great meal together.