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AdamBots Team 245

Team History


The 2017 season was an exciting time for the AdamBots. The game for 2017 was SteamWorks, which is based off an era where technology relies on steamworks to push airships for an extreme race. The goal of this game is for the robots to collect fuel and start rotors to prepare for the eventual flight. The AdamBots created Arabella to achieve this goal, our robot has the ability to collect fuel from the playing field, a camera system for driver assist, and is able to move across the baseline during autonomous, as well as much more.

The first competition the AdamBots participated in was the Kettering District, where we seeded fifth and became the Fourth Alliance Captain. We also finished the event by winning the District Chairman’s Award. Our next competition was at the Escanaba District, where we were seeded second and stayed as the Second Alliance Captain. We finished as finalists and won the Entrepreneurship award. We also went to the Troy District Competition and became Quarterfinalists and won the Imagery award. The AdamBots qualified for States, and were members of the Seventh Place Alliance and finished as Quarterfinalists. Also, we won the Michigan Regional Chairman’s Award! It was even more exciting when we got the chance to go to World Championships, and were the Division quarter finalist.


The 2016 season was a fun season for the AdamBots. The game for 2016 was Stronghold, which was a mid evil themed game, where you earned points by crossing defenses, climbing towers and shooting “boulders” that lowered your opponent’s tower health. You moved in the rankings by how many points you earned. Our 2016 FRC robot, Valencia, uses three main mechanisms to accomplish the objectives of FIRST STRONGHOLD: a chassis for driving over defenses, a arm mechanism for lifting defenses, and a shooter for scoring in the two goals.

The team’s first competition was the Waterford District Competition. At the end of the qualification matches, the AdamBots were ranked 17th with 20 ranking points. After advancing to the semifinals, we were eliminated in a close tiebreaker match. The next event the AdamBots attended was the Center Line District event. After qualifications we were in 12th place, and we made it to quarter finals where we were unfortunately eliminated, but went on and win the entrepreneurship award. Afterwards, the AdamBots went to the Queen City Regional in Cincinnati, Ohio. The regional was a great success for our team because, after a long and hard fight, we qualified for the FIRST World Championship in St. Louis, Missouri.


The 2015 season was a great year for the AdamBots. The game for 2015 was Recycle Rush. The game consisted of stacking totes and recycle bins in order to increase the team’s average in order to advance throughout competition. The AdamBots’ solution was Anastasia, a robot with internal and external mechanisms designed to stack totes and pick up recycling bins.

The AdamBots’ first competition of 2015 was the Howell District Event. We finished here in 25th place, making it into the semifinals and winning the Imagery Award. The next competition the AdamBots attended was the Traverse City District Event. This event was one of the most successful for the team ending with the AdamBots taking home two blue banners! The first banner was for winning the competition as the first alliance captain with teams 1711 and 5692. The second was for earning the Chairman’s Award. Afterwards, the AdamBots qualified for the Michigan State Championships where we went on to play in the eliminations. We then traveled to St. Louis, Missouri to compete in the World Championships. Playing on the Galileo field, the AdamBots advanced to the quarter finals where they ended their 2015 season.

After the season wrapped up, the AdamBots continued to compete in off-season events. In June, we attended the MARC competition where we finished in the quarter finals. In July, we attended IRI, the Indiana Robotics Invitational, where we finished in 41st with a qualification average of 197 points. To start off the new school year, the AdamBots also competed at Kettering Kickoff where we finished in the semifinals as the captain of the fifth alliance. Our last off-season event of 2015 was the Bloomfield Hills Girls Competition in November. This event includes pit crews and drive teams that consist of only girls. We finished here in the quarterfinals. At this competition, two of the girls on the team, Kathryn and Saniyah, were awarded with $1,000 scholarships.



The 2014 season started off well with the addition of two new sponsors, TARDEC and Valeo Thermal Systems. The new FIRST FRC game, Aerial Assist, had a unique scoring system and field that encouraged teams to work closer together than ever before. With this in mind, the AdamBots created “Andromedra”, an accurate, fast design capable either with others or on its own.

The team’s first competition of 2014 was the Hub City Regional in Lubbock, Texas. Here, the AdamBots were semi-finalists, and ended up winning the awards for Team Spirit and Innovation in Control. Next, the team attended the Howell District Competition in Michigan, where they again ended up as semi-finalists. This time, the AdamBots won the Entrepreneurship Award for their Business Plan. The team was less successful at the Troy District Competition, but managed to win the Industrial Safety Award due to a new safety plan, and just managed to qualify for the Michigan State Championship. It was here, unfortunately, where the AdamBots’ journey was cut short, at least for 2014.

In the 2014 off-season, the AdamBots demonstrated their robot to both new and old sponsors, Valeo Thermal Systems and GM Power Train, and the Roseville Public Library. The team also participated in Relay for Life, becoming one of the top fundraisers at the event. At the MARC event, the AdamBots made their way through the matches and with teams 1023, 1918, and 2832, ended up winning the event.


AdamBots Team Picture2013v2

The 2013 FIRST season was another landmark year for the team. The AdamBots started the season out strong, winning the 2013 Safety Animation Award for an extraordinary animation. The team built one of their smallest robots to date, “Persephone”, to account for Ultimate Ascent’s unique pyramid structures and hanging requirements. The AdamBots continued to mentor FRC Team LamBot 3478, and met with them in St. Louis, Missouri, at the FIRST Championship.

The team’s initial competition was the Palmetto Regional in South Carolina. In the end, the AdamBots claimed first place, securing their entrance to the World Championship. The team’s second competition was the Grand Blanc District, in Michigan. At Grand Blanc, the team ended up as finalists and won the Entrepreneurship award. The next championship was the Troy District–this time the team won the Quality award and achieved first place–and was among the most frenetic competitions in the team’s history. Following this, the team participated in the Michigan State Championship and placed as semi-finalists. At the World Championship in St. Louis, the team was in the Galileo division. There, the team ended up in the eighth alliance spot and attained the position of semi-finalist in their division.

The AdamBots continued their success in several off-season events. At the MARC competition, they attained the position of finalists. At both the Michigan Science Center Competition and the Bloomfield Girls Robotics Competition, the team was victorious. Wrapping up 2013, the AdamBots attended IRI and left as semi-finalists. Arguably, 2013 is among the AdamBots’ most successful years.

The AdamBots were pleased to gain two new sponsors in the 2013 season, R&G Drummer and Magna Powertrain AG.

In the 2012 season the AdamBots were again successful. They kicked the year off with the usual design meeting where the team came up with solutions and strategies for the year’s game, Rebound Rumble. From this and other meetings, the team built their robot “Margarita,” a wide chassis robot that was a great solution for the shooting, feeding, and balancing involved in Rebound Rumble. The AdamBots continued to talk with the LamBots throughout the build season, building hype for their competition together at the Alamo Regional.

The AdamBots’ first competition of the 2012 season was the Alamo Regional in San Antonio, where they went to the quarter finals and won the Entrepreneurship award and the Website Award. For the next competition, they returned to Michigan for the Niles District where they finished in the quarter finals and won the Quality Award. The next competition, the Troy District, they finished in the quarter finals and again won the Website and Entrepreneurship Awards. At the Michigan State Championship, they made it to the finals with teams 2056 and 548 and won both the Entrepreneurship and Website Awards. They continued on to compete at the World Championships in St. Louis, MO, where they competed in the Archimedes Division and finished in the quarter finals with alliance partners 1676 and 1592.

Once again, the team competed in three off-season events where they were quarter finalists at the TARDEC IGVC competition and finalists at the MARC competition. Their big win came over the summer at the IRI Competition where they won with teams 2826, 1114, and 4334.

For the 2012 season, Chrysler was a new sponsor for the AdamBots, while GM, Plex, SAIC, and Wally Edgar Chevrolet continued to support the team.


2011 FIRST Alamo RegionalThe 2011 season proved to be an exceptional year for the AdamBots.  They began the year by agreeing to mentor a rookie team from Mexico, the Lambots, FRC Team 3478.  Team members used Facebook, Skype, and phone calls to communicate with the Lambots.  Team mentors from Mexico came to meet with AdamBots team mentors and took information back to their team on several occasions.  The team traveled to the Alamo Regional in San Antonio, Texas to compete and to meet with the Lambots.  The AdamBots ended up as finalists and won the Web Site Award while the Lambots won the Rookie All-Star Award.

GM Team of the YearThe next competition for the AdamBots was the Detroit District where they again placed as finalist and won the Web Site Award.  At the Troy District, the team ended up as semi-finalists, won the Website Award and won a new award, the Entrepreneurship Award, for their Business Plan.  At the Michigan State Event, the AdamBots again were finalists earning a spot at the World Championships in St. Louis, MO.  The AdamBots competed in the Curie Division and ended the FIRST season as quarter-finalists.  The big surprise came when the World Championship Website Award was announced and the team won!  The team was also awarded the GM Team of the Year Award.  The AdamBots were proud that their rookie team, the LamBots, won the Championship All-Star Rookie Award.

The team competed in three off-season events earning the championship award at the TARDEC IGVC Invitational Competition, Finalist Award at the MARC Competition and competing at the IRI for the second time.  New sponsors, SAIC and Wally Edgar Chevrolet, joined GM and Plex to support the team for the 2011 season.

Early Years : 1999-2002

2000 FIRST ChampionshipDuring its rookie year in 1999, the AdamBots were simply known as the “Adams High School Engineering Club.”   The second year, the team decided to use the name “Golden Eyes,” but it did not take hold.  It was not until the team’s third year when the name “AdamBots” was chosen as the official team name.

The AdamBots began under the faculty mentorship of Mr. Alan Gibson, a physics teacher at Rochester Adams High School, and Mr. Gasper Cairo along with Mr. Paul Slaby, mentors from our sponsor at the time, Siemens VDO.  Year two brought in Mr. Chris Smith, a physical science teacher, to assist Mr. Gibson with the team.  In 2001, Mr. Gibson retired and Mr. Smith continued to mentor.  In 2003, Mr. Smith left Rochester Adams High School and Mr. John Hilburger, a physics and calculus teacher, took charge; however, Mr. Hilburger moved out of state. That year, Mr. Warren Hildebrandt moved from Rochester High School to Rochester Adams High School and became the faculty mentor. Mr. Hildebrandt has been with the team ever since!

The AdamBots experienced minimal competitive success the first four years. Building a working gear box was considered a huge accomplishment; however, this all changed in 2003!

Midwest Regional Champions


The game in 2003 was called Stack Attack.  The objective was to stack boxes on top of each other.  A senior on the team, Carl Fristad, suggested a simple concept for the challenge: build a robot capable of performing one  task very well.  The team decided on a modest design of a powerful drive train with two arms extend’ing from the edges of the robot.  The arm design was eventually simplified to just two flaps extruding from the edges of the robot.  The team decided to name the robot “Penelope.”  At the first regional of the season, the Midwest Regional in Chicago, the robot performed exceptionally.  Team 45, The TechoKats, from Kokomo, Indiana, chose the AdamBots as an alliance partner.  This selection led to the team’s first regional victory.  At the next regional, the West Michigan Regional, the AdamBots won again.

In 2005, the team found the perfect solution to the FIRST game, Triple Play.  There was much debate about the design of the robot, but the team eventually decided on a fork lift design.  Rich Schuster and Jeremy Clemens were the builder extraordinaires.  They led the building of the 2005 robot and eventually dubbed the robot “Victoria.”

2005 FIRST ChampionshipIn 2005, the AdamBots did extremely well in the first regional competition.  They went to Sacramento and placed first in the seeding matches.  The team asked for the assistance of teams 766 and 1072 and won first place in the finals at the Sacramento Regional.  They then went on to win the Detroit Regional with teams 217 and 301 and won second place at the West Michigan Regional.  The AdamBots qualified for the World Championship where they placed second in the elimination round and chose teams 217 and 766 as alliance partners. After their selections, they went on to win the Archimedes Division at the FIRST Championship. The team placed third at Championship Event, losing to the eventual World Champions, Team 67,  by only a few points.

In 2008, the AdamBots participated at both the Detroit and Great Lakes Regional competitions.  The team won Best Website Awards and made the elimination rounds at both competitions.

2009 Kettering District ChampionsIn 2009, the AdamBots created “Olympia,” a very simple but extremely effective robot.  “Olympia” had zero failures in 110 matches and won multiple quality awards.  The team won the Kettering District Event, MARC Competition, TARDAC IGVC Invitational and was a finalist at the Lansing District Event. They also gained another website award. The AdamBots were fortunate enough to participate in the World Championship in Atlanta, Georgia, where they made it to the Semi-Finals in the Curie Division.

In 2010, the team grew by including students from Stoney Creek High School.  They also gained a new sponsor, Plex Systems Inc.  GM continued to sponsor the team.  The AdamBots competed at the Kettering District competition, earning the Imagery Award and getting to the quarter-finals.  The team also competed the Detroit District competition, once again playing to the quarter-finals and earning a spot at the State Competition.  During the off-season, the team competed at the TARDAC IGVC Invitational and won the finalist trophy.








  • Kettering University District #1- Quarter-Finalists
  • Kettering University District #1- District Chairman’s Award
  • Escanaba District – Finalists
  • Escanaba District  – Entrepreneurship Award
  • Troy District  – Imagery Award
  • Troy District  – Quarter-Finalists
  • Michigan State Championship (DOW Division)  – Semi-Finalists
  • Michigan State Championship (DOW Division)  – Entrepreneurship Award
  • Michigan State Championship  – Regional Chairman’s Award
  • World Championship in St. Louis Championship (Archimedes Division)  – Quarter-Finalists
  • Kettering Kickoff Event
  • Bloomfield Hills Girls Competition – Quarter-Finalists


  • Waterford District – Semi-Finalists
  • Centerline District – Quarter-Finalists
  • Centerline District – Entrepreneurship Award
  • Queen’s City Regional – Champions
  • Queen’s City Regional  – Entrepreneurship Award
  • World Championship at St. Louis, MO – Quarter-Finalists Galileo Division
  • MARC – Quarter-Finalists
  • IRI in Indianapolis 
  • Kettering Kickoff – Quarter-Finalists
  • Bloomfield Hills Girls Competition – Quarter-Finalists


  • Howell District – Semi-Finalists
  • Traverse City District – Champions
  • Traverse City District – Chairman’s Award
  • Michigan State Championship – Eliminations
  • World Championship at St. Louis, MO – Quarter-Finalists Galileo Division
  • MARC – Quarter-Finalists
  • IRI in Indianapolis, IN
  • Kettering Kickoff – Semi-Finalists
  • Bloomfield Hills Girls Competition – Quarter-Finalists
  • OOCRA 2015 Foundation Award 


  • Hub City Regional in Lubbock, TX – Semi-Finalists
  • Howell District – Semi-Finalists
  • Troy District – Quarter-Finalists
  • Michigan State Championship
  • MARC – Champions


  • Palmetto Regional in Myrtle Beach, SC – Regional win
  • Grand Blanc District – Finalists
  • Troy District – District win
  • Michigan State Championship – Semi-Finalists
  • World Championship at St. Louis, MO – Semi-Finalist Galileo Division
  • MARC – Finalists
  • IRI in Indianapolis, IN – Semi-Finalists


  • Alamo Regional in San Antonio, Texas – Quarter-Finalist
  • Niles District – Quarter-Finalists
  • Troy District – Quarter-Finalists
  • Michigan State Competition – Finalist
  • World Championship in St. Louis, MO – Quarter-Finalist Archimedes Division
  • TARDEC IGVC at Oakland University – Quarter-Finalist
  • MARC at Monroe HS – Finalist
  • Champions IRI in Indianapolis, IN


  • Mentoring Team 3478 from Mexico
  • Alamo Regional in San Antonio, Texas – Semi-Finalist
  • Detroit District – Semi-Finalist
  • Troy Athens District – Quarter-Finalist
  • Michigan State Competition – Finalist
  • World Championship in St. Louis, MO – Quarter-Finalist Curie Division
  • World Championship Web Site Award!
  • Champions TARDEC IGVC Invitational
  • MARC Competition – Finalist


  • Kettering District
  • Detroit District
  • Michigan State Competition
  • TARDEC IGVC Invitational – Finalist


  • Kettering District Alliance #1 Captains – District win
  • Lansing District – District Finalist
  • State Competition – Semi-Finalist – earned spot at Nationals
  • Quarter-Finalist on the Galileo Field
  • Champions TARDEC IGVC Invitational
  • Champions MARC Competition


  • New Michigan Districts begin
  • Earned spot at the MI State Competitions


  • Florida Regional Orlando, FL


  • UC-Davis Regional  Sacramento, CA
  • Team won Regional Chairman’s Award
  • Mr. Hildebrandt Regional Woodie Flowers Award winner
  • Nationals in Atlanta, GA


  • UC-Davis Regional Sacramento, CA
  • Alliance #1 Captains – Regional win
  • Detroit Regional
  • Alliance #1 Captains – Regional win
  • West Michigan Regional
  • Alliance #3 Captains – Regional finalist
  • Nationals in Atlanta, GA
  • Archimedes Champions  – 3rd on Einstein


  • Mr. Warren Hildebrandt – Mentor
  • Nationals in Atlanta, GA


  • Mr. John Hilburger – Mentor
  • Mid-West Regional
  • In the winning alliance – Team’s first Regional win
  • West Michigan Regional
  • Alliance #4 Captains – Team’s second Regional win
  • Nationals in Houston, TX
  • Quarter finalist on Archimedes


  • Mid-West Regional Chicago,IL
  • Buckeye Regional Cleveland, OH


  • Team Name Changed to AdamBots
  • Mr. Chris Smith – Mentor
  • Nationals at EPCOT Orlando, FL

2000 (as Golden Eyes)

  • Mr. Gibson & Mr. Chris Smith – Mentors
  • Nationals at EPCOT Orlando, FL

1999 (as Adams High School Engineering Club)

  • Rookie Year
  • Mr. Alan Gibson – Mentor