About the AdamBots
AdamBots Team 245


The AdamBots are fortunate to have several outstanding corporate sponsors. Without their generous donations, the AdamBots would not be able to participate in the various competitions and events. The team is grateful to have such supportive sponsors who allow us to persue and achive the goals and obstacles presented to us throughout the year.

General Motors LogoGeneral Motors – Global Product Development

General Motors has been a primary sponsor of our team for many years. We have been sponsored by several of their divisions including the Finance Staff, and, new this year, Global Product Development.  We are proud that GM has been such a dedicated sponsor. Thank you General Motors!

Visit the website of General Motors

The Chrysler Foundation

Chrysler Foundation LogoThe Chrysler Foundation was a new sponsor for the 2012 FIRST Season. Currently, we have a Chrysler employee helping as a mentor on our team. Thank you, Chrysler Foundation!

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R&G Drummer

For many years, the Drummers have been instrumental in the running of our team. In addition to supporting us generously with their time, they also made a financial contribution to the team. Mrs. Drummer manages our team and Mr. Drummer is a mentor for our business teams. Thank you for all of your time and effort, Mr. and Mrs. Drummer!

Plex Systems, Inc. LogoPlex Systems, Inc.

Plex Systems, Inc. has been a sponsor since 2009.  One of our mentors is family of a Plex Systems, Inc. employee. Thank you, Plex Systems, Inc.

Visit the website of Plex Systems, Inc.


For the 2013 OCCRA Season, and the 2014 FIRST Season, TARDEC has been our sponsor. We are very thankful for their donations to our BASES Classes. We have a TARDEC employee helping as a mentor on our team. Thank you, TARDEC!

Visit the website of TARDEC

Valeo – Automotive Technology

Valeo Logo

Valeo is a brand new sponsor for the 2014 FIRST  Season. We are very grateful for their generous donations to our team. Thank you, Valeo!

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BorgWarner Logo
BorgWarner is a new sponsors for the 2014 FIRST  season. Thank you, BorgWarner, for your generous contribution!

Visit the website of BorgWarner

Wally Edgar Chevrolet

Wally Edgar Chevrolet has been our sponsor since the 2011 FIRST season.  Thank you, Wally Edgar Chevrolet for your continued support!

Visit the website of Wally Edgar Chevrolet

Rochester Advanced Dentistry

During our annual Arts & Apples fundraiser, Rochester Advanced Dentistry generously loaned us their parking lot. Their invaluable contribution allowed us to successfully collect funds for the team. Thank you, Rochester Advanced Dentistry for your support.

Visit the website of Rochester Advanced Dentistry

Karen Bennett

Karen Bennett is the grandmother of an AdamBot and generously provided a contribution to the team. Thank you so much!

NOTE: The logos, names, and acronyms of our sponsors are their property.  We have permission from these companies to use these logos, names, and acronyms.

Siemens VDO

Siemens VDO was a primary sponsor of the AdamBots for many years.  They provided financial support, work facilities, and even donating a very helpful mentor, Paul Slaby, who is still with the team today.  Unfortunately, when Siemens VDO was purchased by another company in 2008, they were no longer able to sponsor us; however, we are very grateful for their long time support and donation of a great team mentor and comedian Paul Slaby. Thank you Siemens VDO!