About the AdamBots
AdamBots Team 245

Andrew McBride

Graduated in 2014


Years on Team: 4

Sub-Team: Project management, team captain

What are 2 fun facts about you?

I like to go skiing quite a large amount.
I’m irritating according to Katie Beutel

Why did you join the AdamBots?

Truthfully, I wanted an excuse not to do any sports (I claimed it would exercise my brain). Then, I joined and I fit right in here, soon most of my friends were through robotics. Every year after, it is a no-brainer for me to come back to the team. My fellow AdamBoters are like family to me.

What is your favorite memory from robotics?

It is difficult for me to choose a single favorite memory from my time on the team, but I believe it would be the FIRST (haha you see what I did there?) time I used the drill press. I was nervous, because it was something new for me, I made sure the aluminum was clamped down really hard, I started the drill up, then plunged the bit into the metal. After I finished I gave the piece to Jerry (that years build captain) very proud. Turns out the hole was in the wrong place and he redid it after I left. To this day I still get a good laugh from this.

What have you learned from being on the team?

Proper designing techniques, along with how to use a mill and lathe.

What is special about FIRST?

Having the mentors around is an excellent way for us, the students, to learn engineering concepts and practical uses for many things taught in school. FIRST is the best way to convey this information I have seen so far.